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A ketubah is a Jewish Halachic document detailing a husband's obligations towards his wife during their married life together as well as in case of divorce or in the event of the husband's death. The language of the ktubah is Aramaic since it was formulated in the Talmudic period. It is usually read out aloud under the Huppa or marriage canopy. Nowadays its main points are also usually read out in Hebrew... Read More

Ketubah: What is a ketubah?

Jewish artists have been designing and illustrating ketubahs  for hundreds of years.The processes witnessed in text development affected ketubah illustration as well; Here too an interesting incorporation of early artistic traditions into the influences of local art of the various communities took place. This fruitful interlacing gave illustrated ketubahs their distinct flavor and characteristic style which differed from community to community... Read More

Designing and illustrating ketubahs: a historical survey

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