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Getting Married?

What better way to celebrate than with a Ketubah, the traditional Jewish "marriage contract."
The Ketubah is one of the predominant forms of Judaica found in the home.

Ketubahs are often displayed prominently in the home by the married couple, as a daily reminder of their vows and responsibilities to one another.


Many couples follow the Jewish tradition of Hiddur Mitzvah which calls for ceremonial objects, such as the Ketubah, to be made as beautiful as possible. These sacred, ceremonial objects include designs that incorporate religious symbolism, such as the Tree of Life, the Star of David, Jerusalem, or images from nature.


Nurita, an Israeli artist, has handcrafted beautiful Ketubahs for over 30 years. Each Ketubah is a unique one-of-a-kind-piece. Delicately painted, each Ketubah is carefully inscribed with Hebrew lettering (Calligraphy).


A traditional Ketubah is written in Aramaic; however couples often opt for more egalitarian language, similar in tone to marriage vows. Many times the traditional Ketubah text will be accompanied by a more creative, poetic and unrestricted interpretation in English. As there are a variety of available Ketubahs texts, betrothed couples often consult their Rabbi or wedding officiate in order to determine which Ketubah text is best for them.


Since each Ketubah is a custom, hand-crafted item that requires sufficient time to make, couples are advised to order at least two months in advance.


Let you and your loved ones rejoice in your celebration by commemorating this blessed day with the traditional, decorative glorification it demands.

Creating the Ketubah

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